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Brief news from here and there:

Chelsea, you don’t have to talk about reproductive pressures! Even Jennifer Aniston learned to avoid the subject. (Rachael Ray via NYPost) [Earlier: Chelsea Clinton’s baby plans: Topic A for Bill and Hillary]

So apparently the Kimmel-Kanye feud wasn’t a fake, but they cleared the air on TV last night. At length. (Style Blog)

Yay, North America! The very fine Canadian short story writer Alice Munro wins the Nobel prize for literature. Also, how we’d write about her if she were from a really foreign country. (AP, World Views)

J.C. Hayward says she had nothing to do with a charter-school fraud scheme, and the veteran WUSA-9 star wants to be dismissed from the case. (Metro)

Looking for today’s Reliable Source? Start here: Marilyn Monroe’s medical files for sale: Is this allowed?