Hillary Clinton felt the wrath of the parking gods. (Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images)

We feel your pain, Hillary Clinton — the former Secretary of State’s car received a hefty parking fine in Central London. Clinton was in the U.K. over the weekend to receive a diplomatic award; the Mercedes that brought her to the event pulled into a spot, but didn’t pay to park. As the traffic marshal began writing a ticket, Clinton’s security detail (sitting in a van next to the car) jumped out and started arguing to no avail, reports British tab MailOnline.

Hey, Secret Service — if you’ve spent any time in D.C., you should know that trying to yell your way out of a ticket rarely helps, and usually makes things worse. Sure enough, the officer stood his ground, reportedly leaving Clinton with a fine of 80 pounds (roughly $127).

A Westminster City Council cabinet member defended the ticketing marshal to the MailOnline, explaining that Clinton’s car was parked for almost 45 minutes without paying the approximately $5/hour fee. “I’m sure she will understand that we have to be fair to everyone, regardless of their status on the world stage,” he said.

Of course, he added helpfully, the next time she’s in town, she can download an iPhone app that guides her to available parking spaces in the area.

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