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 CeeLoGreen and his attorney Blair Berk in court Monday. (Mel Melcon/Reuters) CeeLoGreen and his attorney Blair Berk in court Monday. (Mel Melcon/Reuters)

Cee Lo Green pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he gave his date ecstasy during a 2012 dinner. “The Voice” judge (real name Thomas DeCarlo Callaway) was charged with one felony count of “furnishing a controlled substance” to the woman; prosecutors declined to file rape charges because of insufficient evidence. Green posted the $30,000 bail and is due back in court on Nov. 20; he faces four years in prison if convicted. (AP)

CeeLo Green pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge of slipping an ecstasy pill to a woman at a Los Angeles restaurant. Green's attorney said the singer would post $30,000 bail. (Reuters)

Lady Gaga settled a lawsuit Monday filed by ex-assistant Jennifer O’Neill. O’Neill, originally paid $50,00o-a-year to be at the multimillionaire singer’s beck and call for two years, was asking for 7,168 hours of overtime pay and $400,000 in damages. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but guess who’s never getting free concert tickets again? (New York Post)

Two of the three Cleveland women held captive for a decade are writing a book about their ordeal with Washington Post husband-and-wife team Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan, who grew up in Cleveland. Bob Barnett brokered the deal, natch. (AP)

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