Michael Dwyer/AP Photo Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

Sorry Red Sox fans, you’re stuck with “Sweet Caroline”…hang on, doesn’t everyone love the iconic Neil Diamond tune? Apparently not. According to the Boston Globe, the team tossed around the idea of changing its signature song last year. “For some people, they had had enough,” Charles Steinberg, Red Sox executive vice president, said in a Globe op-ed by Geoff Edgers — with the headline “Please, banish ‘Sweet Caroline’ from Fenway Park.”

The song, played during the eighth inning at Fenway Park since 2002, had an emotional resurgence after the Boston Marathon bombings, when baseball teams across the country played the song as tributes to the city — and Diamond himself showed up at a Red Sox game to sing it a few days later. And now, with the first game of the World Series Wednesday night, fans can look forward to hearing it again and again…and probably forever.

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