Have the producers of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ finally found someone willing to take on the madness of playing the lead role? Seems like it. Irish actor and model Jamie Dornan will be stepping up to play S&M enthusiast in the movie adaptation of the best-selling erotia novel, Variety reports.

Charlie Hunnam was originally set to play the part of seductive billionaire Christian Grey, but was recently scared off the project after intense scrutiny from diehard fans — and perhaps realizing he would never live it down from his “Sons of Anarchy” buddies. Now, the trades are reporting that Dornan is set to play the role.

Though the studio isn’t officially commenting yet, Dornan (known to U.K. viewers from British police drama “The Fall”) does seem to have all the necessary requirements for the part. Past as a former Calvin Klein underwear model? Check. Can handle paparazzi? Most certainly: He dated Keira Knightley for two years. Obligatory stint on an American TV show? Yes – he landed a gig on ABC’s fairytale series “Once Upon a Time” playing the Huntsman.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Dornan’s final deal is still being negotiated — but if all goes as planned, shooting should start next month for a Aug. 1, 2014 release.

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