Lady Gaga (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

All of Lady Gaga’s recent weird stunts were leading up to Tuesday’s release of her latest album. Read Allison Stewart’s review: “Her new album, ‘Artpop’ is meant to be a transgressive exploration of fame, fashion and art, but it’s really a middlebrow pop album with high-art ambitions that too often go unrealized.” (The Post)

During the phone hacking trial in Britain, the court heard about another alleged hacking target: Angelina Jolie’s body double, in hopes she would share secrets about Brangelina’s relationship. (Reuters)

Not surprisingly, guess who isn’t too thrilled about the idea for NBC’s “Murder, She Wrote” remake? Angela Lansbury told the AP she hopes the network uses a different title for the reboot. (AP via LA Times)

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