Gerald and Betty Ford’s dinner plates — they sold for $400. (Lori Meena)

How much would you spend on an engraved 18-karat-gold Cartier brooch belonging to Betty Ford? One bidder shelled out $4,000 for the jewel, making it the top-selling item (and a bargain, we think) at Gerald and Betty Ford’s estate sale in California Saturday. Other big-selling items were a St. Joseph icon ($1,800) given to the couple as a Christmas present by Prince Albert of Monaco; a malachite box ($1,200) given to them by the former Shah of Iran; storage trunks ($1,000) and a limited-edition Faberge-style egg ($1,000). Plus, your standard garage-sale fare, such as the president’s belt-buckle collection, University of Michigan putter and some of his ties – oh, and a framed, autographed Liza Minnelli poster. About 500 people attended the auction, which raised $100,000 for three local charities.

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