In this July 14, 2010 photo, Executive chef Todd Schneider poses in the dining room of the Executive Mansion in Richmond, Va. Schneider the former chef at Virginia's executive mansion has been indicted on four felony counts of embezzlement. Todd Schneider was arrested Thursday, March 27, 2012 by Virginia State Police on the indictments handed up last week in Richmond Circuit Court. (AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Joe Mahoney) Todd Schneider, the former executive chef of the governor’s mansion in Richmond, is cooking up some ideas for a movie version of the McDonnell scandal. (AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Joe Mahoney)

There’s no plan (yet) for a movie version of the scandal involving outgoing Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen. But one of the key players in the real-life drama has already thought through the casting, should Hollywood want to put its stamp on the Richmond tale.

Todd Schneider, who was the chef in the governor’s mansion and the first person to alert authorities about the cozy relationship between the McDonnells and a wealthy donor, recently did an interview with our colleague Rosalind Helderman in which he confessed that he’s mulled writing a book about the ordeal. Schneider, who in September pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors related to taking food paid for by taxpayers from the mansion, even imagined the book getting the big-screen treatment.

And he already has actors in mind to play the roles of the lead characters.

The Commonwealth’s First Couple? The odd pairing of Meryl Streep and Billy Bob Thornton. Streep, because she “can play the ditzy blond,” the former mansion chef says. (Though, Schneider insists Maureen is quirky but far smarter than people often give her credit for: “She’s not stupid. Not at all. That woman is sharper than a tack.” But, he said, “She would say some of the weirdest things…She would ramble off.”)

He picked Thornton after catching his performance as President of the U.S. (probably in the rom-com “Love Actually,” in which Thornton plays a randy POTUS).  “He’s got the hair,” Schneider said. Or at least the right toupee.

Daniel Day-Lewis is the right man to portray Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Schneider says. (Maybe we can see a little resemblance…in the eyebrows?).

Asked who would play himself, Schneider answered without hesitation: “The Rock.”

The Rock? As in Dwayne Johnson? “Yes, you know. He’s my size. I’m big. He’s big.

Hear that, Hollywood?