(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage) (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/WireImage)

Tareq Salahi’s congressional campaign is off to the races!

The White House party crasher and political dabbler debuted a campaign website on Monday, featuring requisite photos of the candidate posing with prominent politicos.  He’s running as a Republican — yet he’s showing off an oddly photoshopped pic of himself and former Virginia governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine (both Dems).

Bipartisanship? Perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into the photos, since there’s also a snapshot of him shaking hands with a dog.

And pardon us for being just a liiittle skeptical about how serious an operation this is. His volunteer campaign manager, C.C. Harris, says the team (which consists of “a few employees” but mainly unpaid workers) is “very grassroots.”

He’ll be writing his own press releases and answering his own phone, she added — not because there’s no one to do it for him, but because he wants to keep things personal.

Salahi has to collect 1,000 signatures from voters in the district where he’s running for the GOP nomination to replace retiring Republican Rep. Frank Wolf. Which is a lighter lift than getting the 10,000 he needed to run for governor, but didn’t collect in time, forcing him to run a write-in campaign.

And — here’s a shocker — don’t be surprised to see a cameraman following the former reality TV star. Harris says a documentary filmmaker will be shooting him sometime for a project that’s either TBD or under wraps.