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Now, most members of Congress are millionaires

It’s official — Congress is a millionaires’ club. For the first time ever, most members of Congress are worth at least a cool million.

Lawmakers’ average net worth in 2012 nosed above the seven-figure mark to $1,008,767, according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, up from the none-too-shabby  $966,000 the year before.

Also worth noting: the analysis shows Rep. Darrell Issa (with a $464 million fortune) is triumphantly back at the top of the list of wealthiest members, a spot the California Republican and car-alarm mogul had enjoyed for years, before being bumped by Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas).

Don’t worry about having to spring for McCaul’s lunch, though. His dip in value was due to a change in reporting rules for spouse’s assets (his wife is the daughter of Clear Channel Communications Chairman Lowry Mays.)

Now, who wants to talk minimum wage?

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