DJ Dirty Hands, also know as Chuck Koch owner of Heist nightclub in D.C. DJ Dirty Hands, also know as Chuck Koch owner of Heist nightclub in D.C.

Just a few days back from vacay, the House and the Senate already have a lot on their plates. The agenda? Extending unemployment benefits, avoiding another government shut down, passing a new farm bill and possibly overhauling the country’s immigration laws. In times like these we figured the halls of Congress might need a better soundtrack than constant bickering. In a new feature called “Mix the News,” we ask a local spin doctor to compose a playlist based on Topic A of the week. So to help bolster the bipartisan vibes, Heist nightclub owner DJ Chuck “Dirty Hands” Koch came up with a list of tunes that should inspire unity on the Hill.

1. The Beatles “Come Together”

“Lennon was inspired to write this song when Timothy Leary was running for governor of California against Ronald Reagan. True story.”

2. War “Why can’t we be friends”

“Everyone on the Hill should be required to listen to this song once.”

3. Stevie Wonder “We Can Work It Out”

“Written by the Beatles, Stevie’s version is my favorite. Congress needs to ‘work it out.'”

4. Bob Marley “One Love”

“Probably the best ‘can we all just get along’ song ever!”

5. U2 “One”

“Who doesn’t like U2 and how can you argue with this playing in the background?”

6. Scorpion “Winds of Change”

“I had to have a power ballad in here! I’m sure more than a few of these politicians had mullets in the late 80’s.”

7. USA For Africa “We Are the World”

“This video has more bad sweaters than Christmas and every star from the 80’s. It’s the ultimate example of working together for the common good.”

8. Funkadelic “One Nation Under a Groove”

“The notion that dancing could be the answer to most of our problems probably isn’t that far off. I’ve played many political parties in DC and after a few drinks nobody cares if they’re Republican or Democrat.”

9. Public Enemy “Fight the Power”

“When all else fails I can see a room full of politicians breaking out into the ultimate militant hip-hop anthem. Maybe not, but it would be amazing.”