Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney joined singer Alex Boyé onstage at a conference for young singles in Tempe, Ariz., sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Taegan Elmer/YouTube)

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney appears to have found a new line of work — as a motivational speaker (and dancer).

Romney and his wife, Ann, were the keynote speakers at the Arizona Young Single Adult Conference, a kind of singles convention sponsored by the Mormon church, local station KTAR is reporting.

At one point, the former Massachusetts governor shared the stage with Alex Boyé, a British-born Mormon of Nigerian descent and, apparently at the performer’s urging, pulled off a sort of shuffle-sidestep. Words fail — the video is a must-see.

Why Romney wound up at the singles event is unclear, though we do know that he’s big on encouraging young members of the church to settle down and start families. He once counseled a graduating college class to get hitched in their 20s and have a “quiver full” of kids, if they can.

Video courtesy of Taegan Elmer via YouTube.