Would a tweet by any other celebrity sound as controversial? 

Actor Isaiah Washington, who in 2007 was fired from the hit show “Grey’s Anatomy” after using a homophobic slur — not once, but twice — tweeted last week, “Love is Love and I don’t care who it comes from, just as long as it keeps coming baby” to his more than 15,000 followers.

Washington has come out in support of gay marriage before, even posing for the well known NOH8 photo campaign, but the 2007 incident continues to shadow him, which is why we were a bit skeptical about his recent tweet.

“I don’t judge any human being or entity,” Washington told the Reliable Source from his office in Los Angeles. “If the interpretation [of my tweet] can serve marriage equality, which I support, then go for it. Love is love.”

Booted off the A-list for almost six years, Washington was forced into a low profile with no money for a publicist. Case in point: the actor became the chief of a village in Sierra Leone in 2006 with little fan fare. In 2013 he made a come-back as the D.C. sniper in the critically acclaimed film “Blue Caprice.”

Washington will star alongside actress Mo’Nique in the coming-of-age drama, “Blackbird.” The film, while will be released next month, was written and directed by Patrick-Ian Polk, who Washington described as “an out and proud gay man.” Adapted from the novel by Larry Duplechan, “Blackbird” tells the story of a young boy who struggles with his sexuality in small town Mississippi. Washington plays the supportive father. The film will premiere at the 22nd annual Pan African Film Fest in Los Angeles.