(Photographer Nicole Battle) (Photographer Nicole Battle)

So your invitation to Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash got lost in the mail too? But don’t fret, there’s no reason to let your dancing shoes go to waste. In this week’s “Mix the News” we asked local turntablist DJ Adrian Loving, who’s scored every major dance floor around town, to give us a taste of what guests might expect to hear at the White House on Saturday night. “You’re looking at Motown, Cooley High, and vintage soul type of vibe,” said Loving. “Then you want to build the energy in the room. Warning, you may sweat your hair-do out!”

1. Curtis Mayfield “Miss Black America” 
“This track is a wonderful kick-off salute from one Chicago legend to another.”

2. Stevie Wonder “For Once In My Life”
“The party is officially on-and-poppin’ with the first verse of this Motown legend’s hit song.”

3. R Kelly “Happy People”
“All steppers report to the dance floor! As commanded by the legendary Chicago DJ Herb Kent The Cool Gent. Show em’ how it’s done!”

4. Richard Evans “Capricorn Rising”
“This is such a classy way to honor the spirit of the zodiac under the soft haze of a jazz bossa nova tune. Hand dance anyone?”

5. Jill Scott “It’s Love”
“The recipe for love in the room? Add one part hometown D.C. flavor, mix in some Philly soul.”

6. Chaka Khan “I Feel For You”
“Prince wrote it, but this Chicago native nailed it to our hearts! Chaka turns every party into an instant sing-a-long.”

7. Cajmere featuring Dajae “Brighter Days”
“No party is complete without a classic deep soulful house groove.”

8. Beyonce “Run The World” (Girls), Kaskade Remix

“This song is girl power in-motion. At this moment on peak dance moves are allowed on the floor, all kick-ball-changes, robots and moonwalks welcome. ”

9. Jay Z “Otis” 
Try a little tenderness and escort your partner to the dance floor for one last two step.”

10. G.C. Cameron “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”
“Nothing warms the heart more than this legendary closing song from the 1975 movie Cooley High and alas, the party is over!”