Ryan Seelbach, Johnathan Cheban and Eric Lund (Photo Credit: Vithaya Phongsavan) Huxley co-owner Ryan Seelbach, reality star Johnathan Cheban and Huxley co-owner Eric Lund (Photo Credit: Vithaya Phongsavan)

Hey isn’t that… No, not new mom Kim Kardashian, but her reality show bestie, Jonathan Cheban, noshing at Barcelona on 14th Street with a group of friends and then heading south of Dupont to party at The Huxley until 2 a.m on Friday.

Our spies tell us there was a line of girls snaking around the club just to snap photos with Cheban. Seriously. At one point in the night, a reveler who fancied herself a Faux-dashian approached Cheban to inform him that all her friends thought she “looked like Kim.” To which Cheban laughed and replied, “not even close.”

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