In this new series we ask notable Washingtonians to play tour guide and tell us their favorite spot in the city. This week Capitals right wing Moscow native Alex Ovechkin tells us where he goes for a taste of home. 

Spot: Mari Vanna, 1141 Connecticut Avenue NW.

How He Found It: “Although we have one in my hometown of Moscow, I first found out about Mari Vanna from their New York location. It became my favorite restaurant in the US, so I was happy when the second location came to DC first. Mari Vanna was a grandmother we used to hear about in children’s fairy tales when I was growing up. She would feed the hungry with home-cooked meals.”

Why He Loves It: “I go for their Borscht, a famous Eastern European beetroot soup. I get to taste all my favorite traditional Russian dishes there. I’m usually on the second floor at a round table in the corner with a group of friends. It’s the best table in the house. It feels like home. It feels like Russia.”