Amelia Segal during warmer days. (Photo courtesy NBC4.) Amelia Segal during warmer days. (Photo courtesy NBC4.)

It’s the first big Washington-area snowstorm for Amelia Segal, the newest member of NBC4’s Storm Team 4. But the meteorologist, a Frederick County native, was ready for it. She chatted with us about why Washingtonians freak out about the white stuff, warm-but-ugly snow gear, and her culinary adventures.

Why do weather folks get so worked up about snowstorms?

It’s exciting. First, you want to see, how does your forecast hold up? And then, it’s something different than a typical winter day. You want everyone to be safe, but it’s still fun to see.

Are Washingtonians snow wimps? This storm would be no big deal in Buffalo [where  Segal spent three years before landing the NBC4 gig], right?

Here, there are more people and there’s more traffic. I don’t think people are overly cautious or freaking out — they want to plan, they’re trying to get ahead of the weather. In Buffalo, it would be a big deal if the temperature went over a hundred. There would be a run on air conditioners — so it’s really just a matter of what people are used to.

Do your friends expect to get personalized forecasts from you?

Yes. Friends are always asking me! I was talking to my mom this morning and she was planning to go to work, and I said ‘Mom of all, days — as a meteorologist and your daughter — don’t push it. Work from home.’  And she listens.

How did you decide to become a meteorologist?

It’s not not the typical ‘I saw a tornado when I was a kid’ story. I was good at math and science in school, but I didn’t want to be in a lab coat. I like talking to people and being out and communicating, so TV meteorology seemed like a good fit.

What’s it like being back in the area?

I live in D.C., and I love the city. Being near friends and family is great. My best friend from high school lives here, so hanging out with her again is wonderful. 


I love trying different restaurants and running.

What are your go-to restaurants?

I’m always going to Chef Geoff’s, because it’s near the station. I went to Rogue 24, which was an amazing experience. There’s great food here. 

How do you stay warm?

I have these moon boots that are the NBC [peacock] colors that are extremely warm. They became a joke when I wore them on a live shot. I went snowboarding yesterday, and I pretty much put my snowboarding clothing on again today.

I know how to not freeze…but it’s definitely not cute.

The snowstorm that hit the East Coast sent millions retreating indoors Tuesday, but there were a few intrepid souls out in the elements. Local news crews from Massachusetts to Washington, D.C., braved the weather to bring their viewers the latest from the ground. (Gillian Brockell/The Washington Post)