Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon
Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon


If the competition at this year’s Puppy Bowl on Sunday seems particularly fierce, you can thank the rigorous training the four-legged players have undergone. This year’s pre-season workouts included one today at the White House with fit first pups Bo and Sunny.

First Lady Michelle Obama, joined by 12 first-and second-grade students from Harriet Tubman Elementary School, led a training session for this year’s rookie team of shelter dogs set to participate in the annual alternative to the Super Bowl that airs on Animal Planet.

Photo courtesy of Beth Caldwell.

Though Bo and Sunny aren’t rescue dogs, the scrappy team’s mission jibes with the first lady’s healthy-living message. “As our family has seen with Bo and Sunny, going outside to walk and play with your pet is a perfect way to get moving and have some fun every day,” she said in a press release.

Look for clips of the session to air during the Sunday broadcast.

All together: awwww.