Courtesy Sara Beth Pinson Courtesy Sara Beth Pinson

Say “Westminster Kennel Club” and one immediately thinks of preening purebreds groomed within an inch of their lives.

But among the high-born specimens on display during the organization’s televised competitions in New York this weekend, look for the floppy, spotted ears of Icey, a rescue dog from Del Ray, Alexandria.  She’s (maybe) part whippet, part Dalmation, and several parts… something else. “I’m calling her a ‘whippa-dal-alli’ says owner Sara Beth Pinson. “Honestly, I have no idea what she is.”

Pinson says she never thought Icey would get the chance to compete in the rarefied airs of Westminster, but the club this year began offering agility trials and other events — and invited mixed breeds. Pinson submitted a form for Icey, who’s competed locally for several years, and the pup was among those drawn for a coveted spot.

The odds of winning are long, but Pinson says they’re just excited for the experience. It’s her second-ever (and Icey’s first) trip to New York City.