(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly) (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

Rowan Pope sure has come down in the world. Last seen getting the boot as head of the fictional spy agency B613 on ABC’s “Scandal,” actor Joe Morton couldn’t (and wouldn’t) “do you know who I am?” his way into the White House Friday afternoon when Pennsylvania Avenue was closed due to an arrest.

“Some guy with a couple of backpacks tried to climb the fence,” said Morton, who’s in town for the annual BET Honors taping. “And, of course, that didn’t work.”

After getting the runaround between the northeast and southeast gates, Morton and company were told about the arrest and the subsequent shutdown. They passed the time with lunch a Bistro Bis on E Street NW and then headed back to 1600 Penn after the all clear for a VIP tour. And what exactly does a “very important person” get to see at the White House?

“It was amazing,” said Morton, whose highlights included the rainbow color-coated rooms at the White House plus the portrait of George Washington featured on the dollar bill. “The most unexpected thing? Just as we arrived Marine One lands, and we got to see the president step off the helicopter,” Morton with the type of wonder some wouldn’t expect from a Hollywood veteran.

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