The White House traditionally remains tight-lipped about which glittery VIPs will be in attendance at its exclusive state dinners. That, of course, was before Twitter. In the age of the Internets some giddy guests just can’t contain their excitement — dropping massive e-hints about rubbing elbows at the executive mansion. Enter actress Mindy Kaling from stage social media.

Early Tuesday morning “The Mindy Project” star regrammed a post from the White House’s official Instagram account that detailed the second course for Tuesday’s dinner. “The dressing is made with honey by the FBOTUS (first bees of the United States). Tonight I shall eat my vegetables!” joked Kaling. A few hours later she tweeted about “looking for sparkly garments” in Georgetown.

It’s hard to imagine that Kaling wouldn’t already have a frock (or five) on hand if she were actually attending the state dinner in honor of the perpetually posh French. So are the actress’s social media tidbits conspicuous crumbs leading all the way to 1600 Penn. or just publicity for her 2012 memoir “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” Only time will tell. Rumors have been swirling that the Hollywood A-list at tonight’s soiree includes “American Hustle” star Bradley Cooper (who’s fluent in French) and mock newscaster Stephen Colbert (who isn’t French despite the last name). But Kaling’s name was just recently dropped into the “who’s going” hat and she was the one dropping the hints. Stay tuned.