When the details about a state dinner begin to surface, This Town starts reading the tea leaves.

What does the salad dressing at Tuesday’s dinner say about France’s ongoing battle against Euroscepticism? Will musical guest Mary J. Blige sing “No More Drama” in celebration of the “renewed alliance” between President Obama and French President François Hollande?

The booking of Blige suggests one thing, really. She was available. The 43-year-old R&B superstar has been coasting since the release of last year’s ho-ho-hum Christmas album, “A Mary Christmas,” but recently made an intriguing appearance on a thumping remix of “F For You” by U.K. duo Disclosure.

It’s easily the most stunning dance track Blige has graced in years. But don’t expect to hear it at the White House on Tuesday. Another detail that’s been confirmed about this state dinner: there will be no dancing.

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