Hey, isn’t that … White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and his family checking out the much buzzed about “Portrait of America” interactive sculpture by artist David Datuna at the National Portrait Gallery on Sunday. We’re told the wait time to view Datuna’s multimedia American flag reached upward of three hours, with an unprecedented number of Washingtonians flocking to the Portrait Gallery for the exhibit, which runs through Presidents’ Day.

But there were absolutely no cutsies for the man President Obama has called his “closest friend.” The notorious limelight-adverse McDonough declined an opportunity to skip the long line, according to our tipster, opting instead to simply met Datuna and chat about the piece, which when viewed while wearing Google Glass contains images of key American figures including George Washington, Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga.

“He didn’t want to cut in line,” said our reliable source, “which I thought was quite nice of him. They just wanted to congratulate David.”

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