At Solidcore class incorporates the Megaformer. (Photo by Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

Loyal fans of the Solidcore studio in Adams Morgan swear the workouts there are addictive. Now we can count Michelle Obama among those apparently hooked on the fast-paced sweat-a-thons.

A tipster spotted the first lady, accompanied by her Secret Service detail, at Solidcore on Friday afternoon, making this the second time we’ve heard about the first abs getting a workout there.

Studio owner Anne Mahlum says she doesn’t give out information about her clients, but she claims that the workout is the toughest that even the fittest among them (um, have your seen those FLOTUS biceps? of course you have.) have experienced. “You’re working muscles to the point of failure,” she says.  “No matter who you are, you can’t make it through without taking breaks.”

There are a few reasons the first lady would venture out for a session instead of staying at the White House, where we can assume she has a pretty great gym. Solidcore sessions center around patented machines called “megaformers” — and then there’s what Mahlum says is a heavy emphasis on coaching and camaraderie, which couldn’t easily be duplicated — even at 1600 Pennsylvania.

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