A co-host of the party at a suite in the Gaylord hotel during the Conservative Political Action Conference that featured a congressman and hot-tub revelers swears the fete wasn’t the bacchanal it might seem.

Gene Berardelli, a Brooklyn-based radio host who threw the bash — evidence of which lit up on Twitter on Monday — says merrymakers were well-behaved, there was no nudity, and guests helped clean up after it ended at about midnight. “We even separated the recycling,” he says.

Berardelli and his pal Russell Gallo, who co-hosts the radio show, were inspired to throw the party in the conference hotel when they got an upgrade to a suite after the double room they had requested for the weekend wasn’t available. They procured the usual essentials —  booze, beer, and pizza — and spread the word, using the Twitter hashtag #unsustainablebartab, a handle usually used for parties thrown by GOP consultant Brad Marston (Marston says he “loaned” out the brand to his friends for the evening).

Among the estimated 300 folks who showed up was Rep. Steve Stockman, the Texas Republican fresh off a big loss in the Republican primary challenge against Sen. John Cornyn. Stockman, according to Slate’s Dave Weigel, offered a profane toast: “F*** the left,” and offered $20 to anyone who would hop into the suite’s hot tub.

Photos circulating on Twitter on Monday showed the congressman, tub-side,  drinking and toasting some more. But the pics might lead folks to think things got crazier than it did,  Berardelli insists. “It was just a fun time — happy and full of energy.” Five folks in all took dips in the tub, but they wore either bathing  suits or boxers, he says, and while folks were drinking and there was one noise complaint early in the night, there was no boorish behavior.

And as far as he knows, no one claimed the congresssman’s twenty.