Former boy-bander Lance Bass is in town to talk health-care reform at the White House. But perhaps Team Obama should have briefed the ‘N Sync singer before his visit to 1600 Pennsylvania: Bass got the health-care Web site wrong in a pre-meeting tweet, which he quickly deleted and corrected (it’s, not, Lance!).

It seems he got a little touchy about the error — and some of the fallout from fans who apparently were critical of his efforts. “Grow up people!” he tweeted. “A handful of private citizens were invited to talk about Health Care. I have questions just like you- and I brought in several that my fans have brought up. I’m not writing any laws here. Don’t hate because I’m trying to get educated. And I friggin messed up the website! Ugh. It’s !!”

But perhaps he was just in a foul mood because of a foul-up at his hotel. Bass called the W Hotel out on Twitter, claiming they lost his reservation and tried to send him to alternate lodgings 40 minutes away. He continued on his online anti-W rant, saying the hotel staff was “treating me like it’s my fault they gave my room away. So fn rude!”

He seemed to think better of the tirade, later deleting his tweets about the hotel.

A spokeswoman for the hotel gave us a “no-comment” about the matter, but promised to have a statement in an hour.

Sounds like he can’t wait to wish Washington “Bye, Bye, Bye.”