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Local DJ Heather Femia sends up fame in a mix dedicated to Justin Bieber

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Just when you think Justin Bieber’s bad boy days (like his former teeny bopper bangs) are so over, the TMZ star gets dragged back into the fame machine. After being accused of egging a neighbor’s home last year, Bieber recently sold his Calabasas frat house, signs that he might exit La la land for more mature pastures. But new video of the Biebs acting more bratty than behaved at a recent Miami lawsuit deposition would disappoint even the most earnest Belieber. Maybe actor Nicolas Cage was right, “Fame sucks right now.” In a send-up of stardown, a local DJ created a playlist dedicated to Bieber, Cage and all the other bad boys in the club.

1. “#Selfie” — The Chainsmokers

“Even the president fell victim to the selfie temptation. It’s just the times in which we live and this track by The Chainsmokers is burning up dance floors across the nation at this very moment.”

2.”Controversy” —  Prince

“Beiber is deep in controversy these days and the artist formerly known as Prince has a love hate relationship with fame too. After all he changed his name to a symbol just to make things tricky for us.”

3.”Party at a Rich Dude’s House” —  Ke$ha

“Ke$ha loves to sing about debauchery — you could make this list with just her songs. But this song is hilariously refres to limousines in pools and waking up on the front lawn. You can envision all of this going on with the young, rich and famous.”

4. “Paparazzi” — Lady Gaga

“This track from Lady Gaga’s 2008 album ‘The Fame’  covers the symbiotic relationship with the famous and those who take their pictures. Once a star is born, especially a young one, they are stalked by the paparazzi, so we can watch them fall.”

5. “Troublemaker” — Weezer

“A good old rock n’ roll song is necessary when talking about boys behaving badly. Weezer incorporates a sense of humor and delivers an antiestablishment mood in ‘Troublemaker.'”

6. “Berzerk” — Eminem

“Eminem is the quintessential bad boy, but the fact that this track about going ‘Berzerk’ samples the driving beat of a song from the 1980’s rocker Billy Squier, as well as snippets of  punk rockers The Beastie Boys ‘fight for your right to party,’ makes it even more applicable.”

7. “Show Biz Kids” — Steely Dan

“The line ‘Show biz kids making movies of themselves you know they don’t give a f— about anybody else’ pretty much says it all. And this sound was released way back in 1973.”

8. “Love Money Party” — Miley Cyrus

“With the twerking incident not yet far behind us, and the fact the Miley too is a young star growing up and acting out before our very eyes, she was a natural for this list. The line of the song ‘when you party everyday it’s nothing but a party’ fits.”

9. “Fame” — B.o.B.

“When the girls come in with ‘fame, fame, fame, fame’ it reminds me of David Bowie’s ‘Fame,’ but this one features lines about paparazzi, cops plottin’, tabloids sayin’ your hooked on drugs… it is too perfect.”

10. “Pressure” — Youngblood Hawke

“Just released this month, this is a catchy, alt rock pop pleaser, that remains upbeat even though it’s all about the ‘pressure.’ I’m an optimist in the end, I guess.”

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