Hey isn’t that…former presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich dining with his wife, Callista, at a Waffle House in Newnan, Ga. He might be well known at the White House, but at the 24-hour breakfast joint, Gingrich goes under the radar.

Mrs. Gingrich seemed excited about her inaugural visit to Waffle House, though patrons and employees seemed unfazed. Callista tweeted this picture of their trip:

It wasn’t clear at first which location the Gingrichs had visited, so we called around to the area’s multiple Waffle Houses, and that’s when we realized that not everyone outside the Beltway bubble knew the couple, even though he represented a nearby Georgia district for nearly two decades. “Who?” several Waffle House workers asked when we inquired about the “famous” (well, to us) patrons.

When we did finally find the right Waffle House, the 18-year-old sales associate yelled to her manager that a reporter was asking about that “guy.”

Manager Richard Harper confirmed that, indeed the “guy” had been there and that he had to explain to his employee who Gingrich was.

Harper said the couple (order: two bowls of chili and a pecan waffle) arrived during the slow afternoon hours and that only one table recognized him.

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