Actor Nick Offerman (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) Actor Nick Offerman (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

After the drama of Louis C.K. abruptly canceling on them in 2012 and nixing a comedian headliner altogether at last year’s fete, the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association announced Thursday that funnyman Nick Offerman, fan-known as “Ron Swanson” of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” will headline the organization’s annual dinner June 12.

“I know that with announcements like this, you’re supposed to say something like, ‘We’re very excited that Nick is performing at our dinner,’ but the truth is way beyond that,” said the chairman of this year’s dinner, CNN’s Lisa Desjardins, in a statement.  “This is phenomenal,” Desjardins continued. “I’ve had a very hard time keeping the news to myself.”

All the hullabaloo makes sense when you consider the headache the RTA has undergone in recent years when it comes to booking high-wattage entertainment in the shadow of the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner. The biggest bold-facers at last year’s RTA dinner were former governor slash poet Mark Sanford and his newly minted fiancee Maria Belen Chapur.

In 2012 Louis C.K. canceled his scheduled appearance without warning, telling CNN he “just didn’t want to do it anymore.” Wayne Brady, who could host pretty much anything, stepped in.

Actress Megan Mullally and actor Nick Offerman (REUTERS/Danny Moloshok) Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (Danny Moloshok/ Reuters)

“I’ll use a cheesy D.C. cliché here, but it applies,” Desjardins concluded. “Nick Offerman is a huge ‘get’.”

Add to that the fact that Offerman is bringing along his wife, actress Megan Mullally of “Will & Grace,” and the gets can’t get any better.

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