Actor Kevin Bacon is half of the Bacon Brothers band. (Photo by Richard Mcblane/Getty Images for SXSW) Actor Kevin Bacon is half of the Bacon Brothers band. (Photo by Richard Mcblane/Getty Images for SXSW)

Kevin and Michael Bacon have day jobs that they’re known for: Kevin, of course is an actor, and Michael’s an accomplished composer. Collectively, they’re known as the Bacon Brothers, an eclectic folk-rock band that performed as one of the acts in Saturday night’s benefit for Stand For The Troops.

They joined the lineup at the behest of their pal, musician David Buskin, who decided to put together a show when he learned of the difficulties facing veterans, particularly those suffering brain injuries. “Veterans and food stamps are not words you should have to say in the same sentence,” Buskin said during a break in the Saturday afternoon rehearsal session at George Washington University’s Lisner auditorium. “These people are heroes that we can’t turn our backs on.”

Between sound check and the performance, we sat down with the Bacon Brothers to chat music, embarrassing your kids, and — of course — that “Footloose” dance. An edited transcript follows:

So that “Footloose” dance you did the other night on “Jimmy Fallon” [a re-enactment of Kevin Bacon’s iconic boogey from the 1984 film] — did you have to practice, or was it like riding a bike?

Kevin Bacon: They first shot it with a double, and when I saw [the film], I was like ‘are you kidding? I can’t get that together!’ I was texting my wife, and it was 1 a.m. I was in the kitchen going like this [does the arm motions from the routine]. We had a 9 o ‘clock shoot the next day. But I was able to cobble it together.

What’s the latest from your band?

Michael Bacon: We’ve got a record coming out soon, called “36 Cents.” That’s a song I wrote, and then there are 12 songs cut from “Live at Daryl’s House” [a TV show with singer/songwriter Daryl Hall] and then a couple old demos that we just really like.

KB: There are a few songs that have a darker backstory, but delivered with a lighter touch. That’s something we did a lot on our first record which was like 20 years ago, and I think there’s a little in there that calls back to that. The first track is called “Hookers and Blow.”

Sounds wholesome! So which living musician would you must like to perform with?

MB: Yo-Yo Ma.

KB: Is he a rapper? Paul McCartney.

What are you reading?

MB: I’m reading that book… “The Prince of Greenwich Village?”  “The King of Greenwich Village?” The Dave Van Ronk one. [It’s actually “The Mayor of MacDougal Street," a biography on which the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis" was loosely based.]

KB: My Twitter feed.

What do you do that embarrasses your kids?

KB: That is one of the great joys in life, to embarrass your kids. I’ll start singing in public, and I like to use abbreviations, like ‘cray cray’ for crazy, or ‘totes amazeballs.”  And sometimes I refer to the computer as “the box,” which makes them really mad.

What’s the healthiest thing you do?

KB: Nap. Which is something I’d like to be doing now.

MB: I eat really well — my wife is an amazing cook.

Least healthy?

KB: Tequila… no, cigars.

MB: Too much coffee. Coffee’s the fuel.