Rick Harrison of "Pawn Stars" (Photo courtesy of The History Channel) Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” (Photo courtesy of The History Channel)

Hey isn’t that… Rick Harrison of the History Channel hit “Pawn Stars” dining at Assaggi Osteria in McLean last Saturday. Harrison, know to his pawning fans as “the spotter,” was spending time with his good pal radio show Mark Levin. Our sources tell us the self-proclaimed bibliophile’s (so that’s where he gets that near encyclopedic knowledge of knick knacks) meal of veal chops and chestnut soup wasn’t interrupted by selfies.

“There was a buzz in the room,” said a tipster, “but this community here in McLean, they don’t usually exhibit star struck behavior.” Star struck, no. But the restaurants patrons couldn’t resist taking an extra look at their wrists. Some diners joked that they should take an iPhone picture of their jewelry and have it sent over to Harrison’s table for an appraisal.

The reality star was in town to participate in the Epilepsy Foundation’s 8th annual Walk for Epilepsy on the National Mall. Harrison suffered from grand mal seizures from the time he was eight years old until he was a teenager and is the foundation’s national spokesman. According to it’s official Web site, the walk raised $904,356.84.

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