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Prosecutors file to get Chris Brown out of L.A. jail to face D.C. charges

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Getting Chris Brown to Washington for his trial on an assault charge isn’t as easy as booking a flight online.

The fact that the R&B crooner is already serving time in a Los Angeles jail in connection with a 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna is complicating the process. D.C. prosecutors on Wednesday filed paperwork with U.S. Marshals and the warden of the L. A. County Men’s Jail to have Brown brought to Washington in time for his April 17 trial, our colleague Keith Alexander reports.

According to a source in the marshal’s office, D.C. taxpayers will foot the bill for Brown’s transportation.

If he’s temporarily sprung from jail on the left coast, Brown and his bodyguard, Chris Hollosy, will face a judge here in Washington on a misdemeanor assault charge filed after a fight with a fan outside the W Hotel downtown last year. Brown had been serving his time in L.A. at a Malibu rehab facility where he was getting treatment for anger management, but he was ordered back to lockup after allegedly making comments about using guns.

Last week, D.C. prosecutors accused Brown’s legal team of the “unorthodox” practice of shopping around for a judge to oversee the trial, Alexander reports.

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