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Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears nude on the cover of Rolling Stone

Well that’s one way to learn your history. Star of HBO’s hit comedy “Veep,” 53-year-old Julia Louis-Dreyfus, appears on the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine wearing nothing but the words of the U.S. constitution “tattooed” across her back. And yes, you can see John Hancock’s signature.

Wait what?

Hancock did not, in fact, sign the U.S. Constitution, America’s mission statement which famously starts off, “We the people…” No, Hancock signed the “Declaration of Independence,” which was written eleven years earlier.

No doubt Selina Meyer, the foul-mouthed Veep Louis-Dreyfus plays to pointed perfection, would have spotted the error and dispatched aide-of-all-trades Gary to grab some ink from the Leviathan and get to work.

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