Chris Cichon: the next Bachelor? (Michelle Basch/WTOP) Chris Cichon: the next Bachelor? (Michelle Basch/WTOP)

WTOP’s news assistant Chris Cichon plans to find love like most people do these days: by going on a reality television show. The 26-year-old will be one of many singles auditioning for ABC’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” at area casting calls held at the Maryland Live! Casino at Arundel Mills on Thursday night.

“It was my idea, and I was encouraged by my friends to try it,” said Cichon.

After having his fun with the single life for a few years, Cichon is ready to find “a nice lady.”

“I’m just looking for someone to share my life with. There’s nothing wrong with hanging with the bros, but I’m ready to spend my life with someone.”

Cichon told his colleagues at WTOP he’d reach the age of wanting to leave the single life behind. “At 26, I have to start thinking, ‘Can I marry this person?'”

In his spare time, Cichon enjoys weight lifting, electronic dance music and baseball. He “gets in where he fits” at WTOP but aspires to be on the airwaves as a baseball commentator. (He hasn’t converted to Natitude though; the New Jersey native still roots for the Yankees.)

So, ladies, he’s got goals, and is tall and honest. . .maybe a little too honest. “I’m not going to offer a ton financially,” he said during his WTOP interview. “Just someone who wants to make it in this world. I want a partner to do that with.”

Cichon chatted with our colleague Michael Livingston II before heading to the barbershop to get fancy for tonight’s audition. “I’m nervous about speaking,” he said. “I don’t want to say ‘ummm’ too much. But I’m confident in my looks, and when I know she’s the one, I’m all in.”

So, what would a first date with Cichon be like? “We would go somewhere intimate. I really like The Melting Pot. It’s different, it’s intimate. I wouldn’t want to go to a movie because you can’t talk in a theater. We would walk around the cherry blossoms. Once the night is over, we go our separate ways.” 

Cichon’s plans to live-tweet his Bachelor adventure began, of course, with a barbershop selfie.