Comedian and television star Bob Saget is promoting his new memoir, Dirty Daddy, that divulges the secrets of his "Full House" days and his life before and after the hit sitcom. Saget tells The Reliable Source what his character, Danny Tanner, would think of the book. (JulieAnn McKellogg/The Washington Post)

Bob Saget, the crude and dark comedian, and Danny Tanner, the wholesome father on “Full House,” seem like night and day. But Saget says he and the character he played for eight seasons have more common than we may think.

For starters, Saget keeps it clean in the presence of his family. “When I’m with my kids, I’m probably more like that character than I am in the stand-up irreverent character.” said the comedian, who was in D.C. last week to promote his new memoir, “Dirty Daddy.” “I don’t curse around my kids or anything. That’s just weird.”

Like D.J., Stephanie and Michelle’s dad, Saget too is a father to three daughters: Lara, Aubrey and Jennifer.

And in the late 1980s, Saget had a short-lived career providing comedic relief on the CBS morning show. Though, from what we know, it was no “Wake Up, San Francisco,” the local news show co-hosted by his character.

His family-friendly roles as Danny Tanner and as host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” shot Saget to stardom, but he has always been an “irreverent” comedian on the side.

“[There] was always something wrong with me. I also did gallows humor and sick jokes and just inappropriate stuff.” said Saget of his stand-up career, which he started at 17, and was inspired by his own father’s blue humor.

He describes his new book as one about “death and comedy and his nether regions” along with some behind-the-scenes stories from the “Full House” days. That said, Danny Tanner couldn’t quite get this book clean enough for kids to read, so Saget encourages parents to use the title as a warning label.

To know what Danny Tanner thinks about Saget’s book, watch this video.


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