Former boy bander Joey Fatone jetted through D.C. this week to shoot the latest episode of his cooking show, "My Family Recipe Rocks." The Reliable Source talked with the 'N Sync-er about what he misses and doesn't miss about his band days. (JulieAnn McKellogg/The Washington Post)


Hey isn’t that…Joey Fatone using a hot pink Kitchen Aid mixer on the set of his cooking show, “My Family Recipe Rocks.” The former boy bander popped into D.C. this week to shoot some episodes for his Live Well Network show. When we caught up with him, he was eating cupcakes with a die hard ‘N SYNC fan/baker, who was showing him how to make her family’s coffee cake and her favorite posters of the boy band.

So, how did Fatone say bye, bye, bye to the music world and hello to the cooking show world? It was a chance meeting with Food Network star Guy Fieri at the Kentucky Derby. But he has always been a foodie thanks to his Italian heritage. This gig has just given him a greater appreciation for the art of cooking.

Fatone may be moving on from his boy band past, but we apparently aren’t. Not a day goes by that ‘N SYNC isn’t mentioned to him, unless he hunkers down in his home, he told us. Knowing that, we still had to ask…what would your former pop star self think of you today? Watch the video above.

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