Photo courtesy of Nik Apostolides of the National Portrait Gallery
(Nik Apostolides/National Portrait Gallery)

Hey isn’t that … American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland taking a break from her company’s performance schedule at the Kennedy Center this week to take in her own portrait at the National Portrait Gallery on Wednesday afternoon. A blazing image of Copeland as the mythical “Firebird” — an iconic ballet role — is featured in the exhibit “Dancing the Dream,” which closes July 13.

Our tipsters tell us that Copeland, who dropped in unexpectedly after rehearsals at the Kennedy Center, was overwhelmed by the 8-foot portrait. “She was really moved to see herself so a big — and on fire!” said our source. 

Cultural historian Amy Henderson, curator of “Dancing the Dream,” was particularly impressed with Copeland’s non-diva attitude. “She walked in the room and went ‘Ahhh’ like a little kid,” said Henderson who showed Copeland around the exhibit which spans the decades from Josephine Baker to Beyonce.

“She was stunned and thrilled and wowed in such a wonderful way.”

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