PJ Harvey, shown here in London in 2011, visited the Washington area this week. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images) PJ Harvey, shown here in London in 2011, visited the Washington area this week. (Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

Hey, isn’t that… British rocker PJ Harvey, blending in among the cherry blossom-ogling crowds on the Metro on Wednesday, the way only a striking, black-clad rock star can?

A tipster spotted Harvey and a silver-haired companion waiting for a train on the platform at the Gallery Place metro stop. The sighting had us a bit stumped — after all, Harvey had no area tour dates on the books, and wasn’t slated for any public appearances we knew of.

A little sleuthing turned up the backstory: We reached Mohammed Nasib, a native of Afghanistan, whose family lives in Springfield, Va. Nasib’s  daughter tweeted a pic of Harvey having dinner at their home earlier this week. Nasib,who works for the Center for International Private Enterprise, says “Polly” is a friend he met in Kabul through noted war-zone photographer Seamus Murphy.

The singer visited the Afghan city last year, he said, to meet local poets and study the country’s poetry, and came with Murphy to the Washington area this week to meet Afghan families living in the area for a project they’re working on. (Murphy directed videos for Harvey’s last album). “We had a nice dinner,” he says.

Alas, don’t expect another glimpse — she returned home to London on Wednesday, Nasib says.

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