For some, this Sunday marks the end of Lent, when self-denial gives way to celebration, and for others Sunday’s a different kind of holiday.

“I’ve marched for 420 for at least 20 years,” said Adam Eidinger, chair of the DC Cannabis Campaign, using a common term for marijuana use. “It’s kind of like gay pride for cannabis users.” Eidinger and his staff hope to further decriminalize marijuana in the District for users over 21 with a ballot initiative at the polls in November. In the meantime, the group held the first-ever Cannabis Awards on Thursday, honoring local politicians such as D.C. Council member and former mayoral candidate Tommy Wells, who supports reforming marijuana laws. In anticipation of Sunday’s celebration, the folks at the DC Cannabis Campaign curated this week’s playlist for what they called “happy hour for cannabis users.”

1. “The Richest Man in Babylon” — Thievery Corporation 

“There’s a lyric in the song that says ‘Nobody here remembers freedom’ and that’s .”

2. “Natty Cultural Dread” — Big Youth 

“This is an obscure choice. Big Youth is one of the least known of all the great reggae artists of the ’70s.”

3. “Shakedown Street” — The Grateful Dead

“You can totally dance to this song. It’s a funky song for a bunch of hippies but also the first crossover hit for The Grateful Dead.”

4. “Underground Communication” — Bassnectar

“Bassnectar sold out Stadium Armory just last year and is very much into activism and legalization.”

5. “Know Your Heart” — Rafi El

“This artist is brand new. In the song, he sings about people not being real with themselves, and when it comes to marijuana reform, it’s about us being honest with ourselves and stop pretending there’s not a problem.”

6. “Police in Helicopter” — John Holt

“This is definitely literal. The lyrics go ‘police in helicopter searching for me marijuana. It’s about people uprising against the police.”

7. “Block Rockin’ Beats” — The Chemical Brothers 

“This is the song I’m going to play when we legalize marijuana.”

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