When Michael Mansour and Virginia Veatch ordered the save-the dates for their September wedding in Washington, D.C., Veatch assumed one task had been checked off their growing “I Do” to-do list. Then things changed.

“The next day Michael calls and cancels the order,” explained Veatch, before adding “without letting me know.” But alarm bells didn’t go off — yet. Her future-husband had a plan.

With free time on his hands during a lunch break, Mansour, a legislative assistant for Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), decided to craft a bill, “H.R.9.26.14,” as the couple’s save-the-date. After more than a few mark-ups, several drafts, and committee approval by Virginia’s sisters, the unique save-the-dates were passed.

“This Act may be cited as the ‘Marriage of Virginia A. H. Veatch to Michael V. Mansour II Act of 2014’ or the ‘Ginny and Michael’s Nuptials Act,'” reads the arm-length scroll.

The reaction, Veatch added, has been “overwhelming,” especially after one of her bridesmaids tweeted a photo of the save-the-date on Saturday with this caption, “This might be the most epic and awesome D.C. save-the-date in the history of the Republic.” That tweet was retweeted several times and most notably by chronicler of Washington’s quirks, author of “This Town,” Mark Leibovich.

“There seems to be this big surge of D.C. pride,” said Bree Ryback, editor of the Washington wedding blog Capitol Romance. “Lately couples across all ‘types’ are migrating to the DC theme since it seems the entire city has had a renaissance.” 

Call it patriotism or just too much time on Pinterest, but Ryback has seen it all from a donkey-and-elephant-themed wedding to Capital Bikeshare groom’s cake. She even considered using a “ballot” as the reply card to her own District wedding.

So as far as wedding trends go, be on the lookout for more nuptial bills.

“My friends on the Hill were like, ‘This is genius.'” said Mansour.

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