Actress Rosie Perez and her husband, artists Eric Haze. Photo courtesy of WAT-TAH!
Rosie Perez and her husband, artist Eric Haze. (Photo courtesy of WAT-AAH!)

Hey wasn’t that… actress Rosie Perez, along with her husband, artist Eric Haze, at Long View Gallery in Northwest Washington on Wednesday night. The couple attended the one-night-only “Taking Back the Streets” exhibit curated by WAT-AAH! bottled water and marketed to kids as part of first lady Michelle Obama’s Drink Up initiative. Haze, also known as the graffiti artist “HAZE,” donated his triptych, “Get Down, Drink Up,” to the show.

Rose Cameron, WAT-AHH!'s founder, and artist Tony Concep. Photo Courtesy of WAT-AHH!
Rose Cameron, WAT-AHH!’s founder, and artist Tony Concep in front of his work “Love that Seduces.” (Photo Courtesy of WAT-AAH!)

We’re told that when Michelle Obama visited the show at its February premiere in New York her favorite work was Tony Concep’s “Love that Seduces.”

“If that’s true, then that’s excellent,” Concep told us. “She’s awesome.”

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