Lupita is coming, Lupita is coming!

As Washington prepares to take a weekend-long back seat to the celebrity guests now at the center of the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, the VIP rolls are rolling in. The biggest get? Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, who People magazine named “the most beautiful” person of 2014,  will be basking in all her “it girl” glory at the Time table.

The Huffington Post will host Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman, he of the post Super Bowl outbursts. No doubt funnyman Kevin Hart, a guest of NBC Universal, will be critiquing comedian Joel McHale’s performance. We’re not sure if Thomson Reuters invitee Darren Criss will be singing for his supper, but the “Glee” star has had plenty of practice.

CBS and ABC will be trotting out some of their networks’ biggest stars, with Julianna Margulies of CBS’s The Good Wife” and Tony Goldwyn of ABC’s “Scandal”  expected to attend. No word on who Vanity Fair or CNN will extend a golden ticket to, but so far it looks like reality stars and game show second runner ups shouldn’t wait for the mailman.

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