Little-known location. Check. Industrial vibe. Check. Spandex. Double check. Hosted by publicists Jessica Hoy, Teddy Duvall and Meredith Fineman, Thursday night’s “The Spin Room with Rock the Vote” at the Hierarchy basement gallery in Adams Morgan was all about the up-and-comers.

There were fashion and beauty bloggers (yep, we’ve got this in D.C.), techies with app on the brain, and young reporters without their notebooks.

“At most of these events people are focused on networking and trying to see who’s there. This isn’t that,” said Hoy in a brief interview by the bar while her business partner, Duvall, played deejay.

At this same party last year actors, Giancarlo Esposito (“Revolution”) and Daniel Dae Kim (“Lost”) mixed in among the revelers at Heist in downtown D.C. But Thursday’s affair was low on the celebrity wattage, unless you could Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman (publicist Meredith Fineman’s dad)–and some did.

It was a party that made the grown ups feel young–or at least young-adjacent–and the young feel like grown-ups, although the cut-off jeans and khaki shorts spied in the crowd would hardly be considered adult.

“This is the calm before the storm,” one well-known publicist told us. And the deluge is definitely on its way with Friday night parties sponsored by People, The New Yorker, ABC, Capitol File, Entertainment Tonight, Google, and Funny or Die–just to name a few.


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