Hey isn’t that … a dysfunctional date night starring Huck, Quinn, Cyrus and James — just a same slice of the macabre couples of ABC’s “Scandal” — dining with Cosmo magazine staffers at Georgetown’s new toney hot spot, Fiola Mare, on Thursday night. When they’re not trying to take down super secret spy agency B613, one another, or the world as we know it, off screen the actors Guillermo Díaz (“Huck”), Katie Lowes (“Quinn”), Jeff Perry (“Cyrus”) and Dan Bucatinsky (“James”) seemed to be the best of friends.

“You could see how comfortable they were with each other which was really cool,” said our tipster. The cast, minus Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant, and Kerry Washington, who plays D.C. fixer Olivia Pope, enjoyed a casual dinner in restaurant’s main dining room. Diaz, whose family is from Cuba, even chatted in Spanish with Fiola Mare owner Maria Trabocchi, who is from Spain.

No seclusion and sunglasses for these A-listers. According to our reliable source, the Georgetownies couldn’t believe that on Thursday night, the “Scandal” crew usually on their TV screens were sitting right in front of them, but folks played it cool.

We also hear that Friday night at Fiola Mare will be another one for the flashbulbs. Dom Perignon is hosting a dinner for 40 featuring Matthew Morrison of “Glee” tickling the ivories on a piano brought in especially for the event, while the likes of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and — it’s whispered — Gywneth Paltrow dine in a private room.

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