Robin Wright, who plays the steely Claire Underwood on Netflix's "House of Cards," tells The Reliable Source's Helena Andrews that she came to the White House correspondents' dinner on a mission. (JulieAnn McKellogg/The Washington Post)

It must be hard being famous, what with all the the overzealous selfie snappers and flashing iPhones — and that’s just the first five minutes of stepping off the plane at Reagan National.

Thing is, most of the celebrities who touch down in the District for the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner know the drill. Brace yourself for an onslaught. But clearly no one told actress Robin Wright to strap in.

During a brief interview at the Capitol File pre-reception Friday evening, Wright — a Golden Globe winner in January for her role as the steely, calculating Claire Underwood in the Netflix drama “House of Cards”— seemed pretty much over the entire affair. Before we could finish our question about what it’s like playing the newly minted first lady, Wright cut us off — “You shouldn’t be asking me any questions about playing a political person.” She added that her inspiration for Claire was Disney’s evil villain Cruella De Vil. Hmm, okay.

So did “Claire” have any advice for other fictional first ladies, like the high-strung Mellie Grant of “Scandal”? She replied, apparently still inspired by Cruella: “You don’t want to have 101 Dalmatians — I think maybe four, four is the max.”

Switching gears, we tried to get Wright’s take on her favorite White House correspondent. You know the folks whose work the weekend is supposed to be celebrating?

“Who are they?” she asked, “I don’t live here. You guys talk to us as if we know the ins and outs. I don’t know who anybody is.” To be fair, she did call Chris Matthews a “bulldog” and meant it as a compliment, but, alas, he isn’t a White House correspondent.

We hear that when Wright left the British ambassador’s residence to make an appearance at the Google/Netflix party, she was shocked by the number of fans clamoring for some face time. “She was there for maybe eight minutes and then left,” said our source.

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