From the drama-filled hit show "Nashville" to the beloved "Sesame Street," the first lady has done it all. Here are some of her best appearances on scripted TV. (Ashleigh Joplin/The Washington Post)


First lady Michelle Obama appeared on-screen on a screen Wednesday night on ABC’s “Nashville.” It wasn’t quite the role most fans were hoping for after weeks of anticipation leading up to FLOTUS’s “Nashville” debut. First, the scene happened in the back half of the show. And secondly, Obama (playing herself) appeared in a taped message — meaning no Rayna Jaymes-Michelle Obama duet. Sigh.

But this won’t be Obama’s last acting gig, so maybe she’ll make her way back to “Nashville” for a bigger role. In the meantime, she’ll appear on Disney Channel’s “Jessie.” And you can catch all of FLOTUS’s cameos in the video above.

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