If you follow music mogul Sean Combs on Instagram or Twitter, you may have noticed that he delivered the commencement speech and received an honorary doctorate degree from Howard University this past weekend. His four-day D.C. adventure was hard to miss. The newly minted Dr. Sean Combs — aka Sean John, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy — shared 50-plus photos and videos on Instagram.

Despite some controversy surrounding the address, Combs was clearly ecstatic to be back at Howard, where he was a student for two years before dropping out to pursue music.

The rapper is an avid Instagram user, with 3,251 posts, but even he admitted that the number of photos and videos of his Howard return was a bit much.

“Lol I know I’m doing the most right now instagramin’ y’all to death. But I’m so happy I still can’t believe today has happened!!!” he wrote in the caption of photo #39.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version:

1) Combs returns to his former stomping grounds, posting this photo and caption: “Ain’t no place like Home! #HU”

2) Introducing #Diddyview: Combs announces his new behind-the-scenes video series about his life.

3) His favorite building on campus: The all-girls dorm.

4) A little self-promotion: He streamed his commencement speech live on his own cable network, Revolt TV.

5) The other guy: CNN’s Wolf Biltzer and three others also received an honorary doctorate degree from Howard along with Puff Daddy:

6) The doctor at work: Speech prep is intense!

7) His warm-up routine: Turkey bacon and a dance party.

8) Then came the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The commencement speech.

9) Dr. Combs signs off: “Let’s gooooo!”

10) It’s official: Paper proof that he is Dr. Combs.

11) Better than a diploma: More paper proof.

12) Mmm, salmon: The celebratory meal.

13) Say cheese: The “official” portrait.

14) His doctor bling: A medal and some kicks.

15) Credit where it’s due: “I love you mom!”

16) Another celebratory meal: This time, Combs and family celebrate Mother’s Day on the patio of his $18,500-per-night suite at the Four Seasons. (Here’s a virtual tour of this must-see suite.)

17) Remembering the moment: “Diddy” posted this video the next day.


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