George Takei, best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu on "Star Trek," dishes on his favorite episode from the original series, his thoughts on "Star Trek 3," set for release in 2016, and the character he misses most. (JulieAnn McKellogg/The Washington Post)

George Takei might be old enough to be a grandfather, but he has the social media presence of a millennial. The 77-year-old just won a Webby Award for his YouTube series, “Takei’s Take.” He’s reinvented himself on Facebook, where he has 7 million plus “Likes.” And he has more than one million followers on Twitter.

Takei insists he’s not the only one his age who is plugged-in. He calls it a “misunderstanding” to think that seniors can’t be digitally-fluent.

“Technology is an organic part of the people of my generation,” which Takei refers to as the “Star Trek” generation. “People like to think in stereotypes, and they see us as shriveled and hunched,” he said. “But they are techies as well.”

No stereotypes were in evidence Wednesday at an AARP reception in his honor. The Facebook D.C. office was full of young Washingtonians who crowded Takei to grab pictures (hashtag it: #selfieswithGeorge). He was the star of the party celebrating a second season of “Takei’s Take,” which is produced by the advocacy group for the 50-plus.

AARP brought Takei to D.C. this week, but the Trekkie is also meeting with officials at the State Department in preparation for a U.S.-sponsored speaking tour to Japan and South Korea next week. He’ll tack on a few extra days  in Tokyo and Hiroshima to shoot an episode for “Takei’s Take.”

The Internet sensation calls this success “his third coming.” But no matter how you label it, Uncle George is living up to the “Star Trek” mantra: “Live long and prosper.”

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