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Can Beyonce and Solange just dance it out?

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Does sibling rivalry need a sound track? Perhaps it does when the dueling divas are both pop music stars, as is the case between megastar Beyonce and her talented little sister Solange, who’ve both been caught up in an Internet round of “whodunit?” since footage of Solange attacking Beyonce’s husband, rapper Jay Z, hit the Web on Monday. We asked D.C.’s eclectic all-female DJ crew  Anthology of Booty to give their musical take on how these two icons can just get along and maybe dance it out.

1. “What’s Love Got to Do With It” — Tina Turner

“Who knows the context of what hurt Solange so much to physically attack her brother-in-law,” says DJ Mothershiester, who added that when she hears Jay Z’s line referencing Ike Turner in Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” she thinks “of Tina’s anthem. And wonder if it applies here.”

2. “Let’s Straighten It Out” — Latimore

“I hope that the royal family can eventually communicate to straighten this out amongst themselves!” said DJ Natty Boom.

3. “Millionaire” — Kelis featuring Andre 3000

“Who didn’t get paid off of this [scandal]?” asks DJ rAt. “I like the disillusion in this song, along with the paid beat.”

4. “A Family Affair” — Sly and the Family Stone

“You know what, I don’t actually know much about the whole Solange-Jay Z drama but I do know about sibling drama,” said Inda Nile. “Family. It’s a complicated thing.”

5. “Gossip Folks” — Missy Elliott

“I’ve seen too many responses that make light of the situation and inject judgement about who stood where and who reacted in what way,” said DJ Natty Boom. “In ‘Gossip Folks,’ I think Missy aptly critiques the sensationalist gossip nature of celebrity worship.”

6. “Digital Witness” — St. Vincent

”What’s the point of even sleeping, if I can’t show it … ‘ is St. Vincent’s take on our culture’s obsession with sharing every moment on media,” said DJ Natty Boom. “If no one witnesses it, does it happen?”

7. “Elevators” — Outkast
“Andre 3000 says it best in this oh-so-appropriately titled epic anthem about the follies of making assumptions about people riding in elevators,” said Inda Nile.

8. “Hardcore Girls” — Rye Rye

“With ‘Hardcore Girls’ I want to throw out respect to both sisters, as bonafide resilient ladies in the music game. I’ve got pop love and political eyebrow raises for them both,” said DJ rAt.

9. “You Are My Sister” — Antony and The Johnsons

“Enough said. This is a sad and beautiful song and the relationship between sisters can be a sad and beautiful thing,” said Inda Nile.

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