Arianna Huffington wants you to get some sleep. The founder of the blog-turned-new media juggernaut the Huffington Post also wants you to do a “digital detox” — sort of like an electronic enema — oh, and start meditating. It’s all there in her new tome, “Thrive,” copies of which were being handed out like self-help candy at a book party held for Huffington at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington on Thursday night.

“Thrive,” which was released in March, has a specific message for Washington, Huffington told us. “It has to do with the burn-out culture in this city,” she said. “People are congratulated for working 24/7. This is a culture that has to change, not only for the individual but for the country.” Later she’d liken working on little sleep to showing up to the office drunk.

Before one could make it to the open bar or snap up some hor d’oeuvres, the price of admission was an 11-question confidential survey. It began thusly, “In general, how often do you experience stress in your daily life?” One woman in a power sheath joked, “I’ve failed already.”

The crowd, made up mostly of the 45- to 49-year-old demographic (check 5 on question G in the survey), laughed as Huffington’s pal for the last 20 years Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) cracked jokes about her message of unplugging.

“Only the creator of the Huffington Post would suggest ‘Don’t get tied to your computer or smart phone’ — right,” Franken said.

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